Join Us For The MLS Panels At Inman NYC Next Week

Jan 7, 2011  |  Michael Wurzer

I’ll be moderating the MLS track at Inman NYC next week, and I’ll be participating on a couple of the panels as well. The panelists I’ll be speaking with include Art Carter from California Regional MLS, Bob Hale from HAR, Rob Hahn from 7DS, Marilyn Wilson from WAV Group, Curt Beardsley from MOVE, Ira Luntz and Rich Lull from LPS, and Joel MacIntosh from Wolfnet.

What I’d really like to do is condense all the panels into one big discussion, because I think there’s a lot of interesting overlap in the topics. For example, Art Carter, newly elected to the RESO Board, is on the first panel about MLS strategy, but I’d love to have him involved on the MLS data standards panel as well. Similarly, Bob Hale is on the Five Big Questions panel but I’d love to have him involved in the discussion Curt Beardsley and I will be having about upcoming trends.

I hope many of you will be able to join us for these panels in New York next week, and please let me know if any of you have questions you’d like me to pose to any of the panelists. Questions posted in the comments to this post will get first priority.

2 Responses to “Join Us For The MLS Panels At Inman NYC Next Week”

  1. Ron Stephan says:

    I would like to know if any MLS has done comparisons of their existing public record information versus RPR and/or FIND public records. Has any MLS that was purchasing public record information from an existing vendor or doing it in-house made a decision to strictly use RPR or FIND and drop their existing vendor.
    Has any MLS integrated data from RPR/FIND to their MLS. (not links buts actual integration of raw data to an existing or new application. I would also like to know (if anyone will answers) what is the difference in the quality of data from RPR/FIND versus vendors such as First American or LPS.


  2. Ron, unfortunately, for the MLS panels anyway, RPR wasn’t a point of discussion. I’ll send out something to our other customers to see if I can learn anything further for you.