Isn’t The MLS For Agents?

Nov 9, 2007  |  Michael Wurzer

That’s a question I heard a lot this week following our upgrade. Implicit in the question was frustration the user was experiencing shifting from what they knew with the old system to the new one. One of the primary purposes of the upgrade was to give our clients the ability to deliver high-end content to their clients, like interactive maps, big photos, videos, and rich data, like this:





All of this raises an interesting question. Can an important piece of business software like an MLS system serve both consumers and agents? Can these two worlds merge together into one? Or are they forever to be separated, with distinct purposes? Our belief is that the two can, and indeed must, merge.

Of course, the private side of an MLS system has to meet the needs of an agent and those needs are, at times, different from what a consumer wants or needs to see. The agent uses the system every day, and it needs to respond to those needs. But, in the end, the MLS system is only for agents only if agents are the ones buying and selling the property. If not, then the system most definitely is there to serve consumers, whether the agent is the intermediary or not, because, in the end, the consumers are the ones doing the buying and selling.

3 Responses to “Isn’t The MLS For Agents?”

  1. David Harris says:

    Hang in there Mike! Those screen shots look awesome!

    Remember this, if we relied on *only* what our customers tell us they want, innovation would not move as fast. How many people *knew* that they wanted the features in Gmail, before they experienced them (let alone come to depend on them)? Same can be said for cell phones, text messaging, high definition TV, etc.

    Your agent population will come to thank you for these innovations as they learn how to put them into practice. They don’t call it *disruptive* innovation for nothing.

    PS – I got an email with a sneek peek at a new neighborhood tool that is going to announce at NAR, here are my thoughts.

  2. Thanks, David. Those upgrades look pretty cool. The over page is especially good, I think. Surprisingly, the listings integration seems weakest. It’s definitely good to see kicking it up a notch, though.

  3. Candy Lynn says:

    Michael: I thought I share part of a note from one of our members:

    I just wanted to pat the LBVR on the back a little. I have been putting this off for a while. I think LBVR is doing a great job of taking care of our listings & helping us make money….. I know it is a lot of work making the organization work as well as it does. I appreciate the effort all of the officers bring to making it a class act.