Is having fiber Internet access as important as school district for home buyers?

Jun 29, 2009  |  Michael Wurzer

Over at GigaOm, they’re running a poll asking, “Where Does Broadband Access Rank When Choosing a Home?”  When I took the poll, the leading answer was “It’s up there with a quality school district and a good location. 56% (29 votes)”.  The post specifically discusses the desirability of fiber to the home.  How many MLS systems are tracking fiber to the home as a feature?

4 Responses to “Is having fiber Internet access as important as school district for home buyers?”

  1. Robbie says:

    Well, since I currently have a “slow” fiber connection of 20 Mbps Down & 10 Mbps Up, I can say it was one of the primary reasons why I moved to my current home.

  2. Jim Duncan says:

    I’d be happy if my area even had fiber.

    Yet my MLS does not have this as a searchable option? 🙂

    I have asked before, and will ask again … internet access is one of the top 3 three things my clients ask for/need.

  3. Drew says:

    Interesting…we don’t have any features that indicate any sort of broadband internet access (Columbia, SC), and I’ve never heard anybody request that to be added in our system. Even if we did, I’m confident that school district would win that poll here.

  4. Rod Rebello says:

    Our MLS listings in ARMLS, do have a Technology section while not indicating fiber, does allow indication of high speed internet, and even a couple of home networking options (single room, multi-room). However it still depends on the listing agents to fill in the info.