[Insert Vomiting Sound Here]

Dec 19, 2007  |  Michael Wurzer

This has nothing to do with real estate or MLS, but since I and many others at FBS travel a lot and have many friends who travel, I thought this was worth posting.

5 Responses to “[Insert Vomiting Sound Here]”

  1. Jim Duncan says:

    Thanks. Now I need to not touch anything ever again in any hotel room. And take my own cups.

    Maybe I can retire from the proceeds of the class action lawsuit. I am dreadfully traumatized. 🙂

  2. David Harris says:

    Wow, not in my back yard… actually it is! I have actually stayed in this Sheraton. Explains why I have this nervous tick now 🙂 (I love the “flesh eating virus” comment)

  3. […] my post the other day on gross glasses at hotels, this is the second in probably a two-part series on travel challenges.  This time the target […]

  4. Andy Kaufman says:

    OMG Can I unwatch that?

    Good thing I only drink straight whiskey out of those glasses. I guess I can finally say that hard liquor saved my life. 😉