Improving Accuracy of Mapped Listings – flexmls Feature Friday

Jan 29, 2010  |  Michael Wurzer

Phil Sexton from John Hall and Associates in the Phoenix area has a great series called flexmls Feature Friday at the John Hall blog.  I always look forward to seeing what flexmls feature Phil highlights on Friday and occasionally I send him an idea or two.

Today, Phil honored one of my ideas with a guest post.  The highlighted feature is the different ways users of flexmls can use the system to help improve the accuracy of the mapped listings.  These features are relevant for all our customers and so I encourage you to check out the post and help move towards our goal of 100% accuracy in mapped listings.

One Response to “Improving Accuracy of Mapped Listings – flexmls Feature Friday”

  1. Phil Sexton says:

    Mike, Thanks for the guest post and for your kind words in this post. Hopefully the more attention we bring to the unmapped/incorrectly mapped listings problem the closer we’ll get to the goal.

    I know quite a few agents that rely heavily on the map-based search. Obviously unmapped and wrong mapped listings are a problem for them. I bet the public IDX users search heavily by map as well. Everyone wins when we get this to 100%.

    As Kerry Melcher pointed out in the comment section of the post, I think reporting a mapping problem might have been viewed as telling on someone rather than helping. Agents didn’t necessarily want to get people in trouble for their mapping problems. Thanks again for clarifying that in the post.