Future of MLS

Jun 27, 2007  |  Michael Wurzer

Athol Kay writes that he’s tired of agents crying like babies that the MLS data shouldn’t be used for advertising, and suggests that the existings MLSs should just make their databases open to the public on a read-only basis and charge the public for access.

Glenn Roberts over at Inman Blog asks whether the industry is ready for MLS 2.0, which supposedly is coming from the regionalization efforts in California and elsewhere, while just a few days before, Brad Inman calls the MLS one of the wonders of the real estate world.

B.R. on Realtor Genius urges NAR members to quit criticizing and take responsibility for their organization.

And Kris Berg ties it all together.

8 Responses to “Future of MLS”

  1. Athol Kay says:

    Thanks for the link love. I’m gonna get in trouble for the cry baby reference I just know it. 🙂

    I thought the Chicago O’Hare metaphor was the killer…

    Thanks again.

  2. My pleasure, Athol. Some day we’ll send you some pictures for your bad MLS Photo series. We’ve got about 25 million photos from our clients, so there’s a treasure trove there for you. 🙂

  3. Kris Berg says:


    I am not sure I am worthy of the “tying it all together” comment, but appreciate the mention. I am still marveling at the simplicity of the whole Info vs. Knowledge concept as it relates to our business. My husband just today, after showing the 8th home to a buyer who had searched for homes and found us on the Internet, shared this philosophy. Her eyes got big, she nodded her head, and instantly understood. She gets it, and in time, most will “get it”. We work our butts off: To know our market, to know our industry, and to exceed our clients’ expectations. We do bring value, and we need to respect our abilities and ourselves so that others will also respect what we bring to the table.

    By the way, the other posts you link to were fab- Nice job.

  4. Yes, you are. On its face, your post had nothing to do with MLS, the topic of all the others. Yet, while all the others are advocating change, your post (and your professionalism) shows both the future and the past. Our industry will be and historically has been lead through change by those who focus on knowledge. There are lots of cry babies, lazy bureaucrats, and self-proclaiming revolutionaries, and then there are those who actually get something done. That’s you and that’s why I think your post ties it all together and shows the way.

  5. Robbie says:

    I gotta agree with Mr. Wurzer on this point. Kris Berg’s blog post was the best thing I read on Bloodhound Blog this week (besides, there’s only so much of the Greg Swann iPhone love fest I can take).

    I wish people would realize software will never replace real estate agents. Why?

    Software engineers have been trying to replace software engineers with software for about 30+ years now (and failing miserably for the most part). If we can’t figure out how to replace our own jobs, what makes people think our creations can replace theirs?

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