Freezing Cold = Bad Mileage

Jan 23, 2008  |  Michael Wurzer


I normally get about 38 MPG in the deep winter in my Prius but I was only getting 29 MPG this morning as I drove to Alexandria, MN, because it was -13 degrees Farenheit. Yeah, you read that right, MINUS 13. That’s cold.

5 Responses to “Freezing Cold = Bad Mileage”

  1. David Harris says:

    I drive a Honda Civic Hybrid and I get around 36 MPG because I haven’t changed my oil in a while. I normally get 43 MPG. Can you imagine my 6’6″ frame in a civic hybrid? I have to put the front seat up against the back seat.

  2. David, for your next car, try a Prius — it’s bigger and gets better gas mileage. In Atlanta, where the temperatures are not sub-human, I’d probably get 45-50 MPG, like I do in the summer here.

  3. Kevin Boer says:

    It got pretty cold here yesterday too. I think it was down to 40 degrees at night and maybe 62 during the day? 🙂

  4. Russell Shaw says:

    I had wondered why my gas mileage was a bit off. It is cold here too, Kevin. Right now it is practically freezing here in Phoenix – the temperature is 56 degrees. It supposed to get down to 45 tonight.


    what can be done in colder temps to improve the mileage? has anyone tried anything? i have found the same thing in alabama. in winter , our winter, i get 44 to 47 but in summer it goes back to 50+ ideas?