Docusign is Now Live for FBS’s flexmls Forms Customers

Jul 20, 2010  |  Michael Wurzer

Last fall, we announced that FBS was integrating Docusign with our flexmls Forms system. Though we originally anticipated the integration would be complete earlier this year, we’re happy to report, along with Docusign, that the integration is now complete and live for our flexmls Forms customers. We have approximately 11,000 flexmls Form customers, and are expanding that user base at a pretty decent rate.

Docusign is an incredibly cool technology that goes well beyond electronic signatures, and allows users to manage and monitor the transaction execution process. Here’s a video that shows the integration:

4 Responses to “Docusign is Now Live for FBS’s flexmls Forms Customers”

  1. John C says:

    I am not a forms customer, but I will look into this now. I have recently signed up as a Docusign user and it has saved me a lot of time and effort. I sell 2nd homes in a rural area, so most of our buyers and sellers come from 2 hours away, and scanning / emailing / faxing / refaxing / rescanning / re-emailng yields documents that look, as they say, “reedonkulous.” Docusign is great, forms come through clear as a bell, and as importantly, there is no way for the client to miss a spot to sign or initial because I put it there. If Forms in FlexMLS is as useful, I plan to become a customer.

  2. Bob Vinson says:

    If I sign up for docusign here, can I use it for Zip forms as well at no further cost?

  3. mwurzer says:

    Yes, my understanding is that a Docusign login works the same wherever you use it, but, to be safe, you should check with Docusign or Zip Forms, because I don’t know the details of what Zip Forms may require. I do know for sure that if you were already a Docusign customer, your login would work with the flexmls Forms integration.

  4. Jim Mellen says:

    I just signed up for Docusign to make things easier for my out of town buyers and sellers and was hesitant at first thinking it would complicated for the buyer or seller and it really isn’t. They will embrace the new technology as well as the chance to start saving a few more trees. I may still save the forms as PDFs and create the document inside Docusign to see that the sig’s and initials end up in the right places, but it is a great system and prevents illegible documents that get faxed and reprinted too many times!