Did ListingBook Buying Cyberhomes Surprise Anyone Else?

Aug 3, 2010  |  Michael Wurzer

Being on vacation right now, I won’t take the time to delve into too many details, but I was surprised to read that ListingBook has bought Cyberhomes. When RPR bought the technology behind Cyberhomes, I presumed the public site would go away eventually, but I was obviously wrong. Was anyone else surprised to hear that ListingBook will now own Cyberhomes? Now, if RPR could just strike up a deal with ListingBook . . .

9 Responses to “Did ListingBook Buying Cyberhomes Surprise Anyone Else?”

  1. Amy Geddes says:

    My assumption is that there are valuable data distribution/licensing/syndication agreements with MLS organizations that Listing Book will now own. This may assist them in new markets and also keeps Cyberhomes from selling it to a competitor. I guess my surprise is that it didn’t happen sooner but presumably they had to get through RPR first.

  2. I’m with Amy on her comments. Gathering and aggregating data from different MLSs is hard work as you know. There is value in having immediate access to hundreds of these for a good price. Also this gives Listingbook a public facing component and increased exposure for itself and it’s customers. I was wondering when would resurface in the news.

  3. ron stephan says:

    RPR states that cyberhomes.com is an LPS product and they have no relationship or knowledge of the acquisition nor any of its details.
    While I agree that it is an interesting event, along with its other services Listingbook has been trying to build a website niche for its users as well as consumers . I don’t belive this is a part of the market LPS wants to be in. It makes total sense for LB to go out and acquire a brand name website. It creates a great market for LB. I may be wrong (once:) but I don’t beleive there is any secret deal with RPR.

  4. mwurzer says:

    I never meant to imply there was a secret deal. What I meant to imply was that the possible combination of RPR (private site focused on agents) with a VOW (Listing Book) and a public site (Cyberhomes) seems like a good idea. The fact that Cyberhomes and RPR run on the same core data and technology makes such an eventual combination at least practical if not probable. Of course, we all know NAR can’t run a public listing search other than Realtor.com, but, who knows, maybe this is one way to bring these things together on a national basis?

  5. ron stephan says:

    My use of the term “secret” was a poor choice of words…….

  6. Lisa Herrin says:

    Perhaps the correct term/question should be…how do MLSs feel about being forced to work with ListingBook? At least until their agreement with then LPS (formally known as Fidelity) now ListingBook expires? Priceless!!

  7. Joe Kravich says:

    Cyberhome.com for me was the best and the most accurate site from all of the other sites exists. I used Cyberhome.com site daily to determine the price I should offer for those properties I was interested in. I am very sorry to see this site go anyway and twice as sorry to see it goes to a Co. that gives you so little information on the comparable houses nearby. Is there a similar site like cyberhome.com anywhere, that one can use?

  8. I have never been a fan of listingbook. Sorry to see it is getting bigger.

  9. Dean Eshelman says:

    Listingbook acquires Cyber Homes. Listingbook announces its new AI product. Listingbook announces it is in 60% of MLS,s. Herenis what Listingbook did not tell you. As they role out the new AI product they are increasing prices by a whooping 40 % from 179 to 229 per year. Also the FREE basic version agents will no longer be able to see Buyers picks forcing users into the Pro version. Do you see anti- trust issues here?
    So far the new product has only been rolled out in the InterMountain MLS, Boise, ID. Go there and sign up for an account. The rollout has been plated with problems. The clean look of LB is gone- a complete code rewrite with an Adobe product, so as you can guess it is EXTEMELY slow, some pages taking 20-50 secons to load. The headings and banners take up about 25% of my screen. The map search feature is unusable as the map is long across the screen, but not tall enough to zoom in to street level and see an area of more than a few blocks.
    The conversion has been disastrous. Apparently there was no testing of the conversion against live data. Buyers searches did not convert, or at least map searches did not and LB support said they had NO backup of data prior to conversion to restore them. Must be true as 84 days after conversion and my search has not been converted despite many calls to support and emails to management. Buyers watch property lists were not converted, but magically appeared several weeks after conversion. Will update as event occurr. I have cancelled my Pro subscription.