Blogging Begets Brokers

Feb 23, 2008  |  Michael Wurzer

How’s that for some alliteration on a Saturday morning? Here’s the theory:

  • Agent starts a blog;
  • Blog needs a name;
  • Blog becomes a brand;
  • Brand becomes independent of brokerage;
  • Agent becomes broker.
  • Post Script courtesy Tony Arko: Broker starts Independent Brokerage

Jay Thompson did it. How many others that I don’t know about? Isn’t this progression the logical manifestation of blogging, a medium that requires independent thinking and thereby builds an online brand? Certainly, brokerages offer other value to agents than branding, but good agents going independent seems like a nice counter-trend to the intense consolidation of the major franchises.

10 Responses to “Blogging Begets Brokers”

  1. I think Kevin Boer at Three Oceans has a similar story.

  2. Thanks, Ben. I knew there were others and I’m thankful you mentioned Kevin, a great example. In your area, Candy Lynn is already a broker/owner, but she was before becoming a blogger, I believe. I wonder if some of the other prominent bloggers in VA will be following this trend? RealCentralVA, NRVliving, RealEstateZebra, and Real/diablog are all developing some strong brands.

  3. Tony Arko says:

    Michael, You could probably add the last step which is “Broker starts Independant Brokerage”

    Danilo and I were just two agents on a team here in Loudoun County with absolutely no brand. In fact, we weren’t even the agent of record for any of our transactions due to the structure of the team. About 18 months ago we saw the emergence of re 2.0 and unlike the rest of our team members (including the rainmaker) we embraced it. In the ensuing months we have become our own brand especially on our local blog That lead to our leaving the team and finding a broker that was comfortable with our business practices (and not intimidated by our increased exposure). Our next step will probably getting our brokers licenses and start our own brokerage due to our every evolving business model pushed along by re 2.0.

  4. Hey, Tony, great suggestion, I added it and attributed you.

  5. Jay Thompson says:

    It was clearly a logical progression for me Michael. Leaving the C21 mother ship was not an easy decision, but it was absolutely the right one. I think. I suppose time will tell.

    In the beginning of my real estate career, I thought I needed that C21 brand. And it probably did help provide “instant credibility”. But as the site and blog began to take off, the need for the big brokerage attached to the hip became less and less.

    We’ve actually had sellers that didn’t know we were with a C21 office until the sign was installed in their yard. Buyers not realizing until they see the brokerage name on the HUD-1 at close.

    Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being with a brand name franchise. But it is certainly not a requirement for success.

    One of the most comforting things about going independent is I no longer have to worry, at all, about my broker trying to stifle my blog, my marketing, or my branding.

  6. Drew Meyers says:

    Hey Michael-
    If you’re curious about Kevin Boer’s story of becoming a “blogger broker”, I did a Q&A with him on geek estate awhile back that might be of interest.

  7. Athol Kay says:

    I think Kris Berg said it somewhere a couple weeks back that after a certain point the brokerage branding starts interfering with the agent branding.

    At that point I think breaking off and going solo, or duo, or whatever, starts looking better and better.

  8. Candy Lynn says:


    Marketing & branding were big factors in my becoming a Broker/Owner. I am an independant soul & just could never buy into my marketing of someone elses brand.

    I was a blogger when they were called “ezines” back in the mid – late 90’s. was one of the ezines I was involved with. I developed one called Horses on the HiddenCoast that has been absorbed by & Mari Trosclair in N.C.

    It just took me a while to convert being a “blogger”.
    I’m not where I want to be in the blogging world mostly due to time needed to do everything. I am fully addicted to the world of micro-blogging – tweets- on Twitter. The community of REALTORS on Twitter is refreshing.

  9. Michael:

    There is a possibility that you can include me in your assumptions leading to your formulated theory very soon . I started out at a 50/50 shop learning the business and progressed to a 100% company. Early on as “green-pea” REALTOR® I felt that my personal marketing efforts was free advertising for my broker, but that was part of the tuition learning the business and gaining experience.

    After talking with a couple of independent or self-employed brokers my conclusion is that there is more up-side to going “solo”. One independent veteran told me that the absence of synergy and a positive office environment may cause some distraction and being solo may take getting used to it. Of course there is some truth to that, however blogging and networking with the help of social media is the new source of synergy – at least for me.

    Making the move deserves careful consideration and being a self-employed broker brings great responsibility with it. On the other hand, having full FTP access to the MLS data is reason enough for me to take the plunge.

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