Agent Decline?

Sep 27, 2007  |  Michael Wurzer

There’s a running joke in our office about my repeated failure to predict the beginning of the downturn in the number of agents.  I’ve been saying for years that the number of agents would be declining “any time now” and I’ve been wrong for years.  In fact, I’ve been wrong for so long I began to doubt whether it would ever happen.  As I speak with MLS executives across the country, very few are actually predicting any major downturns in agent numbers in their markets.

Yet, today I read about Foxton’s on the east coast about to declare bankruptcy.   And there’s speculation in the Twin Cities area about agent malaise.  And the growth in agents at the national level flattened some time ago.  Are we about to see a significant decline in the number of agents?  What are you seeing in your market?

5 Responses to “Agent Decline?”

  1. Tony Arko says:

    If you consider an agent to be a person who pays money to NAR than you can probably expect a decline in the number of agents to occur very shortly because annual dues are due. But if you consider an agent as someone who actually sells real estate as their profession, then you have probably been right all along, but NAR will never admit it.

  2. Ken Horst says:

    I was very suprised to see the article or blog in Inman last month saying that NAR membership had actually increased through July of this year. I think your prediction is very near to coming true Mike.

  3. Ken Horst says:

    I agree with you Mike, inspite of the NAR member stats mentioned on last month, I think the begining of the Great Decline is near!

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  5. […] About a year ago, I wrote about my repeated failures at predicting agent declines over the last several years.  This afternoon, I was reading a post on Read/Write Web called How Decoupled Is The Innovation Economy From The Rest Of The Economy and it got me to thinking about agent counts again.  You might think those sorts of numbers are top of mind for me in running FBS, but the numbers tell why they aren’t.  Since January, we’ve only seen a .32% decline in membership in existing accounts.  Certainly, some of our 100+ MLSs have had some significant decline but, on average, it’s been completely flat.  (We’ve also been fortunate to see lots of growth in new accounts.)  […]