A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words (or, in our case, characters)

May 3, 2010  |  Michael Wurzer

We’ve long understood the benefit of great photos for consumers and agents viewing listings, which is why flexmls Web allows an unlimited number of high-resolution photos per listing. Sometimes the features of the property are so compelling, however, that calling them out with a good description helps the customer appreciate the photo even more.

To that end, we’ve increased the size of the photo descriptions in flexmls Web to 1,000 characters. The photo descriptions show at the top of the photo on the photos tab and will now expand and collapse to show all of the text. So, desribe the type of flooring or countertops or window shades and other features that make the home distinct. Bring the power of the keyboard to supplement your photos and make your photos truly tell a story.

Thanks to Greg Swann for letting me use one of his photos and descriptions.

2 Responses to “A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words (or, in our case, characters)”

  1. Russ Jenkins says:

    While the comment section is great, I believe that most of the agents taking pictures are really bad at it. The exposures are under exposured for website publications etc. Size of the picture is very small and really you can’t see them. It is clear that most agents do not view their pictures prior to publication. The use of the wrong lens while shooting the picture is another big issue. Why shoot with a lens that makes the room look really big but the sq footage is very small?? Makes no sense to me at all. A class should be given by the board on how to correctly take a picture. It doesn’t matter if you can place 50 plus pictures on a site if they are all done badly.

  2. Brad Shultz says:

    Unsolicited bump for VHT (Chicago and all over the US, I believe) and other professional photographers out there. The difference in photographs are unreal. VHT, whom I have lots of experience with, will even digitally turn a grey sky blue, or otherwise tweak the photos they take. Getting a pro photographer for your listing might be the best marketing dollars you can spend on it, agents….